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I write to tell you that I am seven weeks and four days pregnant. You are so good at what you do and make such a life changing difference.Michele, New Zealand
I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Through Saraswati's treatments I could feel that things were changing inside of me for the better. I now have a beautiful 9yr old daughter and a handsome 7yr old son.C.R., USA
Saraswati was so interested in every aspect of my life, and tailored my acupuncture treatments to address any negative physical symptom. Our daughter, Georgia, came to us in April of 2003. Saraswati will forever be, wherever her heart takes her, a part of our family.Jill, Chula Vista California
I would love to share my experience with others, the decision of asking you for help was the right one and thanks to you I'm now looking at my so longed for precious little daughter.Gloria, UK
The herbal prescriptions, supportive consultations, diet refinements, and yoga practices offered by Dr. Markus absolutely helped make noticeable restorations to my whole health picture; I am sincerely grateful!Megan, Asheville NC