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Integrative medicine for women




“Since starting treatment with you 7 weeks ago, I have not had one hot flash. I used to be so hot in the morning and need to turn on a fan. I ran out of the herbs one week ago and I can feel some heat coming back, but no hot flashes yet.A.K. age 50, 2014
You are a really good teacher. Experienced, organized, spontaneous, authentic, humble, funny, engaging, inspiring. I think my years qualify me to say all that. Then, I loved the way you merged Yoga with Chinese Medicine. I practiced for more than 30 years as an acupuncturist and cranio-sacral therapist and would jump at the chance to be a patient of yours.M, 2014
I feel like a human being again. It feels so good during my PMS time to not at the bottom of depression, and not checked out due to so much extreme menstrual pain and exhaustion. I almost teared up the other day, because I felt so good and so happy. I don’t know how much longer I could have gone on like I was. It’s really incredible. Even my spiritual life feels like it has deepened, like I’m less mentally inflamed and can more easily settle in.R.L., 2014
I am humbled by your brilliant offering of creative hormonal balance for women, and your ability to weave spirituality with the material world of medicine.S.E., 2014